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“Innovator and Visionary Extraordinaire”

Warren H. Victor has tremendous experience in the areas of business development, environmental services, government, and humanitarian efforts.  He currently spends the majority of his time in his newest venture as CEO of Clean Planet Funding LLC.  In that capacity, Warren develops and manages an operational system designed to quantify the value of sustainability for the purpose of obtaining financing for renewable energy projects.  Warren directs Clean Planet with respect to client and product management, negotiations, and finding creative solutions to energy and water related problems.  Warren is primarily concerned with the reduction of the world’s water footprint and he dedicates the majority of his efforts primarily to acquiring, developing, and commercializing water conservation and treatment technology.
Warren began his professional career in the U.S. Air Force with a fighter squadron during the Korean War.  While there, he also served as director of the salvage and disposal unit.   Warren took an active leadership role while learning the importance of organizational structure, communication, and adaptive reuse/resource management. Thereafter, Warren began Amity Lamp Corporation, a lighting manufacturing company.  Around 1970, his profits began to decline because his lighting products were being reversed engineered in the Asian market.  Through innovation, Warren created a new product consisting of a lighted point of purchase display that successfully made his lighting company the largest in the United States, producing 4000 lamps and 10,000 lamp shades a day.  When he sold the business in the late 80’s, the business was generating in excess of $30 million of revenue. His adaptive reasoning and creative solutions were recognized by many of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies who called upon Warren to advise them on their point of purchase and marketing campaigns. 
Warren’s business success allowed him to pursue his passion for the environment, government, and humanity.  As early as 16, Warren’s interest for the environment was evident.  He was one of the first tank divers exploring the waters off the Virgin Islands.  He later dedicated considerable time and effort in helping his close friend Lawrence Rockefeller develop the ecological gem of Caneel Bay, St. Johns. 

In 1980, Warren was appointed by New Jersey Governor Kean to create a financing vehicle which would enable municipalities to obtain low interest financing for water conservation and purification projects in New Jersey.  Accordingly, Warren created and presently serves as Chairman of the New Jersey Environmental and Infrastructure Trust.  This $5.6 billion trust has lent over 400 municipalities funds for water related projects in New Jersey.  Warren also currently serves as Chairman to the Passaic River Coalition a watershed organization which purchases watershed and historic lands in order to protect water quality and preserve historical land.  Warren has overseen the acquisition of over 1000 square acres of property in Northern Jersey.   Prior to, Warren served under six governors as the Commissioner for the NJ Water Supply Authority charged with the oversight and management of all major water supplies and distribution systems in the state.  Warren reached that position after serving as the Water Policy Advisor for the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission which is responsible for providing clean water for over 2 million people.  Warren’s environmental expertise was recognized by government as he routinely acts as intermediary between government and industry and testifies before the Senate with respect to legislation aimed to protect the environment.

As a result his achievements in both the private and public sector, Warren works with major academic institutions to develop and commercialize technology.  Specifically and not exclusively, Warren works with Stevens Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, and New Jersey Institute of Technology to find commercial applications for developing technology.  Warren also supports and develops nonprofit organizations and foundations dedicated to huminartian efforts.  His current focus as Founding Trustee of the NJ Stem Cell Research and Education Foundation is to develop a business model where stem cell scientists can collaborate and interact on research for the purpose of commercializing their end product.
If you ask Warren what he does, he will tell you he is a short-order cook.  His modesty precedes him and those of us who know Warren know he is an incredible man with an enthusiasm and passion for life that is unmatched.  For over fifty years, Warren has been responsible for addressing problems with no foreseeable solutions.  In each instance of his professional life, Warren has confronted these problems, created operational systems to efficiently address those problems, and successfully delivers the systems that provide creative solutions to problems facing business, the environment, and humanity.  Put simply, Warren knows how to get to yes.
Now, Warren turns to the next chapter in his life where he continues to be an innovator and visionary.  As CEO of Clean Planet Funding, Warren can help solve the problems we now face,   which he envisioned and predicted years ago.   His mission is to help save the planet by making alternative forms of energy and water conservation and treatment technology available to everyone.

  • Strategic Advisor / Board Member, Air & Gas Technologies: commencing 2011 – The leading provider of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure products and services to local government organizations and private industry in the Mid-Atlantic region.  With over one hundred installations of their Alternative Fuel Solutions, Air & Gas Technologies is leading the way in providing Clean Energy offerings and helping Fleet Owners drive down the cost of doing business and reducing their carbon foot print.
  • Business Development Director, Westfield Online: commencing 2010 – A fast growing provider of strategic consulting services for high growth companies in the field of online video, corporate communications and clean energy. With more than twenty years experience building fast growth organizations, Westfield Online is uniquely qualified to help young companies gain traction in the market place and to increase share holder value. 
  • Business Development Advisor, Noveko International Inc. : A patented  process to bind and kill anti-viral, anti-bacterial and health hazards from the air and water .  Major uses in air filtration, surgical masks and hospital gowns.  Protection for humans and livestock
  • Director, Vision Technology Inc. - Develops an audit program to lower I/T and telephonic cost, and with its partners MetTel and Avaya provides lower line costs and high quality equipment installations and systems design.
  • CEO, Clean Planet Funding LLC - Developed a turnkey operational system that quantifies the value of sustainability for clients, investors, and lenders;  provides consulting services with respect to sustainability and commercialization of green technology; and also provides financing solutions for renewable energy projects that impact the triple bottom line.
  • Business Development Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies - Advises and develops turnkey point of purchase advertising and marketing campaigns for the following companies: Seagrams, Anheiser Busch, Bacardi, General Foods, Lever Brothers, Campbell Soup, Topps Chewing Gum, Fleer, Maersk, Centrum, Diageo, Rolsten Purina, Hess, Exxon Mobile, General Electric, RCA, and others.
  • President, Action Business Consultants Inc. - Consults in business to business brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and divestments. Commercialization of new technologies.
  • Business Development Coordinator, NAI James E. Hanson, Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide -  Warren holds his real estate license though Hanson and coordinates their creative commercial sales practices. 
  • Business/Market Development Advisor, Maxam Industries Inc:  Develops, markets, and commercializes technology;  facilitates financing for Maxam Inc. a custom composite materials company.
  • Business Development Advisor, Hamilton and Company:  Advises a top financial advisory firm, which manages the assets of Foundations, Trusts and Pension Funds.
  • Director, American Corporate Services of New York and London:  Advises in the area of international mergers and acquisitions; acts as liaison to foster worldwide business relationships.
  • President, Convention & Meeting Planners, Inc., a division of ABC, Inc.:  Advises businesses with respect to trade show practices and coordinates the advertising details for events.
  • 1959-1988:  CEO and President of Amity Lighting Company:  Warren began a lighting manufacturing business and 1970, his profits began to decline because his products were being reversed engineered and manufactured in the Asian market.  To address this problem, Warren created an innovative point of purchase campaign and  new lighting products that appealed to higher-end clientele and could be protected by creative submissions.  His solution propelled his lighting business to the largest multi million dollar lighting business in the U.S. with over 300 employees manufacturing nearly 4000 lamps and 10,000 lamp shades a day.  When he sold the company in 1988, it had revenue in excess of $30 million dollars.
  • Member, Economic Development Committee of NJ Business and Industry Association


  • Chairman, New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust:  In 1980, Warren was appointed by Governor Kean to design a vehicle that would provide municipalities with low interest financing for projects designed to preserve water quality and conservation in New Jersey.  Warren created, organized, and developed the financing model that underlies the $5.6 billion trust that has funded water related projects for over  in 400 municipalities.
  • Chairman, Passaic River Coalition:  As a board member since 2000, Warren has been responsible for developing the growth of the PRC, a watershed association dedicated to preserving our water ways and historic land.  He advises the PRC on land acquisition projects which has resulted in the PRC owning and managing over 1000 square miles of watershed in northern New Jersey and Rockland and Orange Counties, New York.
  • Commissioner, NJ Water Supply Authority:  While serving for six governors, Warren was responsible for the oversight and management of the major water supplies and water distribution systems in NJ.
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization:  Warren works with various academic institutions in developing and commercializing technology for applications in business, industry, and government, including the following institutions:
o Stevens Institute of Technology:  Warren worked with Stevens and Congressman Rinaldo in developing and commercializing digital                      technology.
o Rutgers University:  Warren helped develop and commercialize a unique heart machine that functioned solely on sound by integrating                  computer science and sound engineering. 
o New Jersey Institute of Technology:  Warren helped develop and commercialize technology involving genetic and stem cell                               development.
  • A1631 Environmental Opportunity Zones:  Warren was called upon by government and industry to create a legislative vehicle designed to help solve the economic, social, environmental, and quality of life problems that were associated with the destruction of industry within the brownfield areas.  To that end, Warren was successful in developing, negotiating, and implementing this legislation, which lead to the preservation of natural land sites and the revitalization of the urban brownfield areas in NJ.  His legislation and subsequent law were modeled by several other states.
  • Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Act (ECRA) and Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA):  Warren served as intermediary between government and industry and testified before the Senate to facilitate the passage of these two significant legislative acts.  Warren routinely acts as liaison between government and industry and provides commentary on legislation designed to promote the environment.
  • Contributing Author, Liberty Crisis:  Warren provided key commentary on how government’s overreaching regulations subvert the clear intent of the U.S. Constitution.  Specifically, Warren argued that the taking of private property by municipalities for the purpose of transferring the development rights of that property to another citizen in order to yield a greater tax base clearly violates our individual rights as conferred upon us by the U.S. Constitution.
  • Advisor and Recipient of Congressional Appointment to the Superfund Advisory Council and the Manufacturing Advisory Council.
  • Founder and Contributing Editor, Patriot Newspaper: A publication focused on government abuse of citizen's constitutional rights and the waste, fraud, and special interest effect on all levels of government.


  • Board Member, Friends of Homeless Animals, a no kill shelter.  Because of his love for great danes, Warren joined this rescue shelter and has played an integral role in facilitating the merger of this nonprofit’s mission with that of the Red Bank Animal Hospital.
  • Trustee, The Teddy Bear Foundation: Warren is a trustee of this tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds for research into child dwarfism (Achondroplasia) and genetic disorders.
  • Caneel Bay, St. John:  Warren dedicated a part of his life by helping his close friend Lawrence Rockefeller develop the ecological gem of Caneel Bay, St. John.  Warren was one of the pioneer tank divers who first explored the waters off the island.
  • President, New Jersey Tennis Foundation:  Warren continues to prove that he is well ahead of this time as he won his 9th consecutive annual senior’s tennis tournament in Westfield.  In addition, Warren plays each year in the U.S. Open Senior’s Tournament and will again compete September 2011 at Orange Lawn Tennis Club in New Jersey and has won over 37 major titles in tennis and golf over his career. 

ATHLETICS:  Warren’s two crowning athletic achievements are as follows:
  • Warren qualified for inclusion in the final qualifying run to make the 1952 United States Olympic Sprint Team; and
  • Warren shot an amazing hole in one on a par 4,338 yard hole at Lincoln Park Golf Course in San Francisco in 1986 that was certified by golf digest magazine.

     Warren’s most important accomplishment was his push to have the FDA approve a drug called erythropoietin or EPO (PROCRIT).  On May 3, 1989, Warren sent a letter to Congressman Matthew J. Renaldo detailing a solution to a deadlock in the federal government.  The FDA had refused to permit the use of EPO, which had resulted in untold suffering and premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of dialysis patients over a period of three years.  At the same time, Europe was successfully saving lives with EPO.  Warren’s solution immediately won support in Congress and, some three weeks later, on May 29, 1989, the FDA reversed itself and approved EPO for use in the U.S. and payment by Medicare.  This achievement illustrates Warren’s  “power of getting to Yes.“

Created by: Karam Nahas Esq., Corporate Counsel, Clean Planet Funding LLC

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Printable Version of My Resume